Sustainable Development
We will adhere to the sustainable development strategy, devote more to technological innovation, environmental protection, and social responsibility, and strive to achieve coordinated development of economy, environment, and society efficiency. meanwhile, actively participate in the global sustainable development agenda and contribute to promoting global sustainable development.

Economic Development Strategy
Our orientation is innovation-driven development, enhances the company's core competitiveness through technological innovation and service level, and achieves economic growth steadily sustainably.

Environmental Protection Strategy
The environmental protection concept, "green, low-carbon, and circular", increases environmental protection investment, promotes clean production, reduces pollutant emissions, and achieves a win-win situation of efficient resource utilization and environmental protection.

Social Responsibility Strategy
Actively fulfill social responsibilities, pay attention to employee welfare, clients rights, and community development, return to society through public service, charitable donations, etc., and promote the harmonious development of enterprises and society.

Care For the Environment
Sustainable Development Governance
Always committed to achieving the harmonious unity of economy, environment, and society. actively fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote sustainable development. This report aims to fully disclose our strategy, practice, and achievements in sustainable development to shareholders, investors, customers, employees, and the public in the past year, to show our efforts and progress on the road to sustainable development.

Economic Development Practice

Technological Innovation: Has increased its R&D investment and successfully developed Multiple new products with independent intellectual property rights improving product-added value and market competitiveness.

Market development: Actively explore domestic and overseas markets, establish strategic partnerships with many famous companies, and achieve steady sales revenue growth.

Management Innovation: implement lean management, optimize business processes, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

Environmental Protection Practices

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction: We have invested much to carry out the production line technical transformation improving energy utilization efficiency and reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

Waste Resource Utilization: We have strengthened waste classification and recycling, realized waste resource utilization, and reduced the negative impact on the environment.

Environmental Protection Facility Upgrade: We have invested in the construction of advanced environmental protection facilities to ensure that pollutant emissions meet national environmental protection standards.

Social Responsibility Practice

Employee Welfare: Attach great importance to employee welfare, and provide a complete salary and welfare system to strengthen employee training to improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Clients Service: Insists on being customer-centric, providing high-quality pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services to meet customer needs and win the trust and compliments of clients.

Charity Activities: Actively participates in charity activities to show corporate love and responsibility